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A friend in me…what’s it all about?

My name is Hannah. I am 24 years old and live in Kent. For the past 5 years I have suffered with depression and anxiety but due to years of acting I can hide it pretty well. I like to make other people laugh, and be happy. I like to help people whenever they are in need and I will do anything to support my family and friends.

I haven’t been too lucky in my life. I have had relationships that have lead me to suicide attempts and I have been bullied at work for being to kind (weird that people get bullied for positive attributes but unfortunately that seems to be how the world works).

I am currently working on setting up my own Community Investment Company to help support others with depression, self harming, social isolation, social anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, bipolar and those who just need someone to talk to. This blog is just to share some personal stories and some other stories about how I have come to terms with mental health issues and how others have told me about their coping strategies and how they want to share with others who may be struggling too.

I will be putting up weekly posts and welcome any posts that others may want to be published but aren’t comfortable in making a blog of their own.

I have an instagram page (@afriendinme03) for anyone to follow which is filled with some inspirational and motivational quotes to get us through what daily struggles we may face.