I wish I looked like you

Why are we always trying to look like someone else? And more to the point, why do companies want us to want to look like someone else? You may be thinking, “I’m not trying to look like someone else!”, but the truth is that modern standards of beauty only say that we are attractive if we have certain physical attributes that tend to come from a select pool of celebrities, which permeate every social media platform.

Just glancing at the magazines in a newsagents, I can’t escape the constant reminders that I too, can get Keira Knightley’s arms, or Cameron Diaz’s abs, or follow Britney’s quick weight loss plan. How do I copy Kate Winslet’s outfit, or Paloma Faith’s hair? My complexion is most like Karen Gillan and here is a list of lipstick shades she wears! These magazines say that I too, can be glamorous and so can you – we just need to alter our appearances to match Hollywood standards. And by alter, i mean change literally everything.

As technology advances, we are not limited to simply changing our workouts or getting new haircuts! A wide array of reality shows about cosmetic surgery inform us that we have new options right at our fingertips. As the number of people going under the knife of cosmetic surgery rises, more and more people request specific celebrities’ features. The most requested celebrity nose is Jessica Alba’s. Women are asking for collagen injections to get Angelina Jolie’s lips. There are people asking specifically for Scarlett Johansson’s eyes. Would you want to undergo a painful procedure just to look like your favorite celebrity?

With these shows and ads telling me that looking like my favorite celebrity is as easy as 1, 2, 3, a little voice pops back into my head: “Why are you trying to look like someone else?”.


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